The Secrets to Building a Successful Personal Training Career

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Put simply, Jon Goodman's book "Ignite the Fire" tells you everything you need to know (and nothing you don't) about how to become successful at the business of Fitness Training. He's provided you with the simple to understand and immediately applicable strategies proven to help you find your niche, how to become the trainer who everyone wants to train with, and how to build a waiting list of clients beating down your door!

- Nick Tumminello, Performance University

This is not only some great advices, but rules to live by as a coach/trainer. I have seen myself in what you wrote and how I dealt with it throughout the years and I must say that you did an awesome job. You can be sure that I will refer your work to every trainer, beginner AND advanced, as we tend to forget very simple but so important way of dealing with our clients as we get comfortable in the game. It should be a reference for trainers and coaches to be.

- Eric Falstrault PICP 5, Bodhi Fit

Jon Goodman is a super smart guy who knows how to get to the heart of what we need to help structure a PT business that goes beyond chasing your tail and always worrying about where the next client is coming from. His thoughts echo my own in so many ways.

- Nick Mitchell , Ultimate Performance Personal Training

Jonathan is one of today's most dynamic and thought provoking leaders. He has the unique ability to communicate the most complex ideas to simple everyday language. If you truly want the best out of your career then this book is a must have/read.

- Bill Sonnemaker MS (2007 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year), Catalyst Fitness

As a young trainer, I could recite to you all exercise and training physiology in the world. Ignite the fire shares the side of personal training not covered in any book or course: the PERSONAL. Stop wondering why clients aren't coming to you despite your knowledge and read this book to understand what really makes a successful personal trainer.

- David Wu, Personal Trainer

Jon's book should be required reading for anybody starting their career in fitness, and seasoned professionals will benefit from the reminders too. There is no detail left out about what it takes to become a trainer, what to expect, and how to be successful. I only wish this gem had been written when I was a new trainer, this is the stuff they don't teach you in school or the certification courses!

- ShannonAustin, Personal Trainer
Buy Ignite on Amazon
Buy Ignite on Amazon