The Secrets to Building a Successful Personal Training Career

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What's New?

While this is an updated, expanded, and revised version of Ignite, I view it as a new book and feel that anybody who invested in the original version will gain a lot from reading through the new version as well. The new version is 18,700 words longer (71,604 words compared to 52,904 for the original).

Below I'll go over precisely what's the same, different, and brand new. But first, why the update? 3 reasons:

  1. My views on some topics have changed.
  2. The fitness industry landscape has changed.
  3. I've learned a lot in the past few years.

The first major thing that you'll notice is a huge improvement in the interior design and layout of the book. It's now much easier to read and navigate to sections of interest.

Next, you'll notice that callout boxes have been added throughout. Whenever there was a topic that I didn't feel I could give good enough advice I reached out to a friend, an expert in the subject, and asked them to contribute. The result of the more collaborative format is a much fuller source of information for you.

The most notable improvement is the section on making more money as a trainer. When I wrote the original version of Ignite I didn't know as much about that as I do now. You'll find that these strategies are much more numerous, thorough, and immediately actionable.

In the chapter on making more money as a trainer I break down how to build multiple income streams (some passive) and develop a more scalable and efficient business structure around you while maintaining your integrity (reputation management is always the #1 priority). This section is appropriate for full-time in-person trainers, online trainers, or those who simply want to split their time with training and developing information products for sale.

Below is a breakdown of the material that's been revised, updated, and added (and in one case taken out) in the new version.

What's Been Revised?

While these sections aren't totally new, the information has been significantly improved upon either by providing a more detailed system, providing more thorough advice, or adding missing elements.

  • The entire chapter 1 was rewritten and sections added discussing certifications and whether it matters how you look
  • More up-to-date options were added in the section about deciding how to work
  • More thorough strategy and application was added to the section on finding your niche
  • The flow of the sales process stayed constant but more detail was added helping you deal with objections that may arise
  • More focus was put on developing rapport in the relationship-building chapter
  • I altered the section on motivation and provided you with strategies to get the most out of compliments (and where they might have the opposite effect)
  • More advice is provided on whether you should step into a management role and/or how to progress in your career
  • The strategy for asking for a promotion and/or more money was improved upon

What's the Same?

After careful consideration my editor and I decided that some sections didn't need changing. Some of them contain minor revisions to clarify the point, but the content is consistent. These sections stayed more or less the same.

  • Where to work
  • Finding the right gym for you and navigating the interview process
  • The 5-step selling system, the focus system, and the excitation system
  • Breaking the ice with new clients
  • Respecting trainer/client boundaries
  • Helping clients attain self-efficacy
  • How to deal with the ten most common client types

What's Brand New?

As mentioned, this version is over 18,000 words longer. Lots was added and one major element was removed. Here's what's new:

  • Warnings about avoiding common traps and pitfalls that seem good superficially but spell the end of too many trainer's careers
  • Lots of detail on meshing online and in-person training to offer a more complete service, make more money, and become more efficient
  • A bunch of stuff about CrossFit
  • Elsbeth Vaino's brilliant insights into choosing and profiting from your niche
  • A proven system for gathering amazing testimonials and how to best benefit from them
  • SharĂ­ Alexander's genius system on approaching clients on the floor and converting them into clients
  • Strategies to go the extra 10% with your clients
  • Maximizing social media (efficient, non-spammy, scammy, or slimy ways to use it to build your business)
  • Nick Tumminello's words of wisdom on how to make sense of fitness and nutrition claims
  • A deep understanding of motivation and rewards
  • How to prove your worth, boost your value, and communicate it to make more
  • Removed the section on how to start your own gym (there are better resources than I for this)
  • A thorough discussion on ways to make more money both offline and online and what to avoid in order to maintain your reputation

I'm sure there's more, but this gives you an idea of the multitude of improvements.

In addition I've also provided a host of downloadable worksheets and templates as bonuses to accompany accompany the book. These are a combination of exercises for you to get the most out of the material and documentation that you can directly use in your business.

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